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Our transformers are made from superior grade CRNGO silicon steel, imported from reputed manufacturers from around the world. With an in house slitting line, the coils are slatted into strips as per the design and specifications of the transformer.

CRGO Annealing :
These strips are passed through an annealing process at 780 deg C to 820 deg C, to improve mechanical stresses which develop during cutting, punching and bending process. The magnetic properties of the CRGO are then regained.

Winding :
Winding is done in climatically controlled environment, thereby eliminating possibilities of an ingress of dust. Windings are designed to optimize dynamic, thermal, mechanical and electrical stresses, depending upon the current and voltage requirements. Spiral, cross-over, disc, helical windings are used, depending upon specific design criteria

Painting :
Utmost care is taken during painting of the transformer. Two component epoxy primer is applied with an intermediate coat to prevent any rusting due harsh atmospheric pressures and weather condition. Top coat of PU paint as per RAL shades is applied for smooth surface & protection against moisture during expot.

Wire Drawing/Paper Covering :
To achieve a quality product, we have in house facility for wire drawing & paper covering for both aluminum & copper conductors.

Testing :
All transformers are subject to all routine tests, in our sophisticated laboratory, confirming to latest national and international standard specifications. Our transformers are sent regularly for type test viz short circuit test, impulse voltage test and thermal ability test at approved government labs like ERDA, CPRI which confirms the design and quality of the product.

We have following testing facilities & are conducted on every unit:
- Insulation Resistance Test
- Winding Resistance Test
- Turns Radio Test
- Temperature Rise Test
- Pressure Test
- Measurement of No Load losses
- Measurement of Load losses
- BDV Test on Transformer Oil
- Resistively Test on Oil
- Pressure Test on Transformer Tank
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